Personalised Jewellery handgraving by Anne L'Or London in Wimbledon.Anne L'Or London engrave 925 silver or gold-plated charms to create such unique gift. Make any occasion a wonderful memory by offering a personalised jewellery

Liberty bracelets

personalised bracelet with a braid from Liberty, to have a floral touch on the wrist

Gemstones bracelet

Personalised bracelet with gemstones and 925 silver charms , engraving by hand by Anne L'Or London.

Colorful bracelet

Personalised bracelet with colorful braid and gold-plated or 925 silver charm engraving by hand by Anne L'Or

Gold-plated jewellery

Personalised jewellery with gold-plated charm to be engraved by Anne L'Or

925 Silver jewellery

Personalised jewellery with 925 silver charm to be engraved by Anne L'Or

Personalised Necklaces

Personalised necklace gold-plated or silver 925 charm engraved by hand in London making truly unique jewellery...

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Gold-plated charms
From £25.00
Add a new 18k gold-plated charms on your personalised bracelet by Anne L'Or it is a nice add-on gift to make for someone for already have a...
Mummy and I jewellery
How wonderful it is to share the same silver 925 personalised jewellery between a mum and a daugther. Pick up the braid and the charm you...
Silver 925 Liberty bracelet
From £24.00
Bracelet with floral Liberty braid and silver 925 charm to be engraved by Anne L'Or . Amazing personalised gift to offer as a birth gift or for...
Gemstones Bracelet
From £49.00
Bracelet with Hematite, (gemstone) and a 925 silver charm engraved by Anne L'Or in London. Personalised this bracelet with your own personal...
Little people bracelet
Little people bracelet by Anne L'Or with floral braid by Liberty and silver or gold-plated people charm Perfect gift for a children One of the...
Virgin Mary Necklace
Necklace with  a gold-plated 2 microns circle charn and a gold-plated Immaculate Conception medal, engraved by hand by Anne L'Or in London....
Liberty Braids
Nice floral liberty braids to put your personalised charms on it and made a wonderful personalised bracelet